Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Leftism for Beginners - Marcuse

This section of my book took some time to complete. Not only did I have to do a lot more research, but part-way through, I broke my leg.

Nevertheless, I Persisted (to use the favorite meme of the Left).

But, it's finally ready for consumption and criticism. I'm putting the pdf on my Google drive here.



Pascal said...

I spotted 3 items of concern.
Page 1: the link at the end of ¶2 not underlined or highlighted. I had to search for it with my cursor until my browser lit up. If all links are this way they may easily be overlooked.

Page 2: ¶3, strike "just" and replace with "jump" so it reads "...so eager to jump on the philosophical bandwagon."

Page 3: ¶1, you have an open parentheses after "Intelligentsia class (he..." but no close.

Dunno if there is more, but that's a start.

N Palmer said...

In that open parenthetical noted above, I think the word should be “intellectually” or if not, then intellectuals if a noun to match with the following plural indicating faculty.

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