Curly, Larry, and Moe on the Left

Of course, the original Curly was Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Larry, the schlemiel? Who else?

And, Moe? The One With the Brains of the Bunch?

It must be that they are to blame for the failure of the Get Trump Plan. It couldn't be their Not-So Secret Directors:

You know, the ones who - with access to Money, Influence, and Power - still couldn't bring down Trump.

Forget it Jake, it's The Three Stooges.


The Death of the Republic?

If the chuckleheads currently working in opposition to Trump have their way, yes.

Now, I don't mean that the opposition is anti-free government of the people (although, a certain number are). No, the bigger problem is that they have such a distorted idea of the basic principles underlying that government structure, that they will - unknowingly - destroy it.

Example 1:
Trump is not permitted to block his Twitter trolls. It is, according to a Federal judge, a violation of their 1st Amendment right. Hard to imagine such a twisted interpretation of the facts. Twitter is a private company, not a governmental resource. ANY user on Twitter may block followers/commenters at will. A user does not lose that privilege if he is a government elected official. Practically, this means that bots can swarm around his feed, clogging it, posting vile lies and profane comments as they please. He may NOT remove them. Why is this being done? Because Trump has found a way to directly access contact with …

Again - It's ALL About the Culture

And, in his book, The Kingdom of Speech, Tom Wolfe agrees with me, thereby sticking a big finger in Noam Chomsky's eye.

I never have understood the adulation that Chomsky receives. His work is indecipherable, mind-numbing, and completely without scientific rigor. His opinions are repeated slavishly, by those for whom science and research are just - words without meaning.

The thing I love about Wolfe is that he was unashamedly not a follower.

I have GOT to read it.

Some more deliciousness from Tom Wolfe - on Darwin and E. O. Wilson, and why the latter is more likely to be correct in his understanding of the human brain.


Melania Surgery - the Not-So Surprising Response to it

I just looked for an update on Melania's recovery from emergency kidney surgery.

About 1/2 the responses to a search were on Plastic Surgery. Apparently, that's a thing that some people obsess about. In fact, it popped up in the first two links.

Funny, isn't it? If that were Michelle Obama, there would be hordes of reporters, with anguished looks providing round the clock coverage and interviews:
Words from her doctors - with hourly updatesWhat the gift shop is featuring, that you could send to the 'near-death' Beloved First Lady ©A GoFundMe page for contributions to her favorite charity So, what are people focused on?
Using this as an excuse to bash Trump.
Trump has even been blamed for not being with her during her surgery.
Listen, people, it's not like he could glove up and oversee the work of the surgeons. He likely had to 'clear the decks' of work for the next few days. And, spend time with his youngest, Barron, who would likely need the time with hi…

I Know They Didn't Walk From There

Apparently, Bangladeshis are among those crossing the border.

So, it's not just Mexicans and Central Americans trying to test the Trump Administration's resolve on illegal immigration.


A Question for Mueller

IF violations of the Logan Act are so bad, why has he not investigated John Kerry? Here is the idea behind it:
In general, the Act is intended to prevent unauthorized American citizens from interfering in disputes or controversies between the United States and foreign governments. Although attempts have been made to repeal the Act, it remains law and at least a potential sanction to be used against anyone who without authority interferes in the foreign relations of the United States.So, what has Kerry done? 
John Kerry is out there trying to save the Iran deal, at the same time the Trump administration is properly trying to turn the screws on Iran. That is, in fact, just exactly the activity that the Logan Act was designed to prevent. Kerry, your time is OVER. You are no longer Sec. of State.

Get out of the business of international negotiations.


Modern Catholicism

I've been leading a book study for the past several months "The Kingdom of Happiness: Living the Beatitudes in Everyday Life".  Those who've participated have found it a remarkable look at how to put Biblical concepts into practice.

It's a self-selected group - they weren't forced to sign up - they chose to be a part of the group. Unlike those who merely attend Mass, they look to receive instruction on how the Church applies the Bible's teachings.

That's a far cry from the attitude of these parishioners who are irked and annoyed to hear classic, noncontroversial teaching from the pulpit.

I'm a lifetime Catholic. Both born to a Catholic mother, and married, in the Church, to a Catholic husband.

One of my children is a Catholic sister - although, like many sisters, skeptical of the Church hierarchy, and on the fence about the Future of the Church.

The others, to my regret, have fallen away from the Church. Both of them are perhaps Believers, but not…