PDS Update

Althouse has an update on the Trig Truther controversy - otherwise known as the Crazy Test - if you buy into those hypotheses (NOT theories), you really are crazy.

A relatively minor correction - Palin had SOME leakage of amniotic fluid, not "water breaking" - it's a matter of degree. The first is a concern, but NOT mandating an immediate trip to the emergency room.

I like the way Althouse smacks down one of Andrew Sullivan's comments:

If the Bridge To Nowhere is worth checking out, why aren't the pregnancy's bizarre details?

Althouse delivers the ultimate blow:

Because the Bridge to Nowhere involved public, government actions, and the pregnancy was something happening inside her body as a result of purely private behavior.
Ya'know, all that stuff about A Woman's Right to Privacy?


e said…
It's crazy to me that the leftist illuminati would continue to think she'd want to lie about birthing a child.

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