Hugh Hewitt Explains it All to You


Hugh Hewitt is on fire!

He makes the most straightforward case for John McCain, and why he should be elected. He is unsparing in his disdain for what the Democratic Party has become.
Obama is a wholly untested Illinois state senator with less than 200 actual days on the floor of the U.S. Senate.

Obama has never run anything or faced any significant political crisis in his life requiring the expert exercise of wisdom and judgment, much less this perfect storm of crises.

Obama's rise has been because of machine politics and hard-left coalitions, and his past is checkered with the most radical and the most corrupt sort of characters imaginable --Ayers, Rezko and Wright to name just the big three.

His party is led by hard-left partisans in the House and Senate, and the "grassroots" manning his campaign and ready to demand their patronage jobs are of the Michael Moore-Daily Kos variety. There is hardly anything left of the old Democratic Party. It isn't about a New Deal or a Fair Deal or a New Frontier. It is about radical change, and creepy children singing praises to their leader. It is about a thorough-going contempt of ordinary Americans best expressed in Obama's own description of the bitter God-and-gun clinging small town and rural voters of Pennsylvania.
And, that's just the mild stuff. Go check it out for yourself.


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